Terms & Conditions

The customer will have to pay Rs. 100 as visiting charges if no articles are handed over to the delivery boy at the time of visit.
The Shoe Men tries cleaning the articles in the best possible manner, however does not take responsibility if the articles does not get cleaned even after doing the complete process due to the property of leather and stains; and full payment will be charged to the customer.
The articles are handled with the greatest possible care, however, because of the conditions of the articles when received, they are accepted for cleaning, dyeing or being dealt with in any other way at the owners risk and the responsibility.
A reminder call will be given prior to the delivery and if not answered then shall be taken as the absence of the customer at the delivery place and the goods will not be delivered on the basis of the same.
The customer will be contacted twice for the delivery of the goods and if no response/information is received from the customer's side, then it will be considered as the customer's responsibility to get in touch with The Shoe Men and get the delivery arranged.
If the customer is not found at the delivery place at the time of delivery then it would attract a charge of Rs.100 for getting the articles re-delivered.
If no intimation is received from the customer within a period of three months, The Shoe Men will have full rights to deal with the article at its sole discretion to recover the charges for the services availed by the customer.
The Shoe Men shall not be held responsible for (a) Loss of articles said to have been left with the article (b) The damage arising to articles that cannot withstand normal cleaning process because of their worn out condition or defects inherent in the weaving or texture of the material (c) Any delay howsoever arising (d) The damages and losses caused by burglary, house breaking, larceny or fire.
All the aforesaid conditions are also applicable to Bags, Jackets, Wallets, and other articles accepted for cleaning and/or dyeing.
Under the Jurisdiction of Delhi High Courts.